I have reached over 100 followers. Thank you so much!

FontCandy (30)Starting this blog back in June has been incredibly rewarding for me in so many ways. I was going through a very tough time and it helped keep me focused on the positives by connecting with so many wonderful people on this community. I have enjoyed reading so many interesting posts on mental health, poetry, art & lifestyle. I have been supported & encouraged and I have hopefully helped others on their own journey of healing from trauma. I am humbled by the fact that 100 people on here are interested in what I have to say. I never thought I would get many followers to start off with so this is just lovely.

I will be going to NEW YORK for 6 weeks on the 4th of October, so I am looking forward to fulfilling my dream of travelling outside Europe and enjoying the experience. My family never travelled far when I was growing up so this is a big deal for me.I am not a big fan of flying but when I see how many of my friends have travelled the world with no problems, I’m not going to let my fear stop me from living my dreams.

I hope you will continue to follow my ramblings and I will do my best to continue writing & interacting with you all.


Child Within


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