“And my heart is sick of being in chains”…

This lovely blog featured me as a guest poet 🙂 So grateful to have so many likes, as this is a poem very close to my heart.

Eye Will Not Cry

Please welcome Child Within as tonight’s Guest Poet.

You can read more of Child Within’s work here: https://mychildwithin.wordpress.com/

If you want to be featured as a guest poet, please email me at eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk



Tears tease the tumultuous calmness of my inner child
transforming it into a beast
where did innocence go?
hear my heart talking gibberish,
there is guilt engraved inside me
simple thoughts trap, tangle, torment my familiar world
feeding my demons, nourishing your hopeless selfishness,
Your existence is my sorrow,
your bleeding is my death,
I’m handcuffed to the past
you are crying in the future
Will I ever be free?
My mind’s cruel art
demolishes any sculpture of joy
familiarity feels safe,
is safety my illusion?
Dreams don’t lie in repetition
revealing your reality
Unlocking the key to my sanity
grieving your brutal honesty
I cherish me
hope is in my heart
like a snake’s…

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