Creativity is calming in life’s biggest challenges..

flowery closeup

I started experimenting with decoupage when I first moved abroad and was feeling unsettled & homesick. It helped me on those lonely days of feeling like a fish out of water and missing English speaking people! I had never tried it before and always wanted to transform boring ‘plain’ items into more colourful unique pieces. The above hanger is one of my most recent decoupage projects and can be found here on my relatively new shop:   My paper cave etsy shop

When we first moved to Germany from the UK, we stayed in an old city studio flat for 3 months until we found a more suitable ‘long term’ one.

My husband had to start his new job and needed a stable base for those first 2 months. It took the stress out of traveling back and forth between countries seeing flats and was also close to my husband’s new job. Being right in the city was also the best thing for me to go exploring. We also had our belongings in a storage unit in the UK still, which needed to be emptied and moved abroad in a quick & convenient way.

Moving home is supposed to be quite high on the list of stressful events in one’s life. I have moved home so many times in my life I have lost count. I have moved to 3 countries, in 3 years and stayed in over 8 homes in 5 cities! (in those 3 years). So you can imagine that for someone who has complex post traumatic stress & depression, this is quite a challenge!

Somehow I have managed and even though I have at times struggled ( A LOT), I seem to be able to adapt with a few important ‘comforts’. As long as I have my favourite mug and tea, my favourite duvets & internet, I can manage wherever I am. My anxiety has at times been so bad, I would avoid leaving the house. Agoraphobia is horrible and makes you feel so ashamed and alienated. Throw in the depression that accompanies the anxiety and you feel lower than low.

Creativity luckily kicks in to give me a helping hand when I am really suffering, alongside my (on and off) anti-depressants and when possible a therapist. I seem to create the wildest artwork when I am suffering in my opinion. This ranges from poetry, to doodling, to chalk pastels, to jewellery making, to coloured markers etc..And of course, decoupage!


What is your best way of coping with big life changes? Like moving home? Starting a new job? Anything new?

I can at times become obsessive with new things I like…When I first started decoupaging items, I wanted to buy all types of patterns and items and decoupaged constantly for months. The same happens with doodling or even blogging!

I am sure when someone enjoys something, they do it a lot right? or at least until they get bored of it..

I fluctuate back and forth between all things I enjoy 🙂


8 thoughts on “Creativity is calming in life’s biggest challenges..

    • It’s a wonderful thing! I’m very glad you are starting to be creative! It is very soothing indeed. There is nothing wrong with ‘playing’ as an adult! Some of us didn’t get to play much as children, so we have to make up for it now! I wish you more fun with your creative endeavors and thank you for your kind words. x

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  1. I ❤ decoupage! I began getting crafty when I realized how calming it was to just color something. With crayons. It was nice.
    Since that time I’ve tried a few crafts, but decoupage is my favorite.

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  2. I love being creative as well. Besides blogging, I feel painting is the most calming for me. It just takes my focus away from the emotions and allows to travel into another world.

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    • Painting is also fun, although I must admit I was never very good with paints. I find it hard controlling the brush and always make a mess. If it is a messy painting, then I enjoy it more. Sometimes it’s nice to just let go and detach 🙂


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