Black & white and scary?!

black contrast skull After finishing this I looked at it from a distance and thought it resembled a face..almost a skull type face..As much as I love the contrast of black & white in this image, it has some scary parts to it..What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Black & white and scary?!

  1. I saw a fish! Go figure, haha. 😉 I’ve looked at it several times now and finally see the face – a profile of a guy with a mohawk and goatee. Stunning work, my dear! ❤


    • Haha…Cool, I’m going to stare at it again and see if I can spot the fish..Art is in the eye of the beholder, so anything goes! But yeah the mohawk guy is kind of what I saw first time I looked at it 😉

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      • “Art is in the eye of the beholder” – you know it, girl! Anything goes. Absolutely! 😉

        Seriously though, this is some really beautiful and talented work! I’m impressed.

        I finally started using my “brand new adult coloring book” but I have yet to draw my own doodles. Little by little, I’m becoming more inspired. Thank God, I really missed that part of myself! If I start making doodles anything like yours – that. would. be. awesome!!

        Keep up the great work, my dear. You’re working really, really hard and I’m super proud of you! ❤


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