From doodling to gardening :-)

IMG_3376 I guess repetition in doodling can be quite distracting at times. The chaotic feelings I have inside seem to be successfully offloaded onto paper. With art I usually get hooked into using 1 medium for an extended period. Then I get fed up with it and move onto something else. At the moment I am enjoying my marker pens, but I might move onto decoupaging next or using chalk pastels. It might be more fun to combine mediums, but I guess I’m just not that confident. Collages were never a strong point for me.

I will most probably put some of my art aside for today as its 35C here in Europe. I will probably go to a garden shop in a couple of hours and buy some bright flowers for the balcony. It needs De-weeding and an injection of colour so it feels & looks more like a garden. It’s the first time I have had an outdoor space in years, so both my husband and I are really enjoying it.

Do you have a garden or balcony? and do you put effort into making it look nice? I love nature and really appreciate it’s beauty.

I love the luscious green you get in parks and the countryside in England and Germany. It is such a calming environment to live in. I would much prefer to live in a green area, than to live right in the center of a city.

Having lived in London for 7 years, I always wished I had a garden. I was lucky enough to have a tiny garden for 1 year and then a balcony for another 3 but neither were really used much. This time round I am putting the effort in, as I have the time to make it look nice. I have another 10 months in my current flat, so plenty of time 🙂

garden blacony

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