Relaxing Sunday afternoon & yet another doodle..

doo   Not really sure what this doodle reflects but sometimes it doesn’t need to mean anything at all..It’s just a way to escape from reality a little, to be mindful & focused. I usually just start my doodles with no plan of where I am going with it..Sometimes I may just choose the colours..but generally my hand just moves and the result isn’t always aesthetically appealing.

I luckily had a relaxing weekend, with no phone-calls or uncomfortable confrontations..I knew however that when Monday would arrive, the msgs would start again..and they did…

It’s so ridiculous to be so uneasy about hearing from my Dad. Before his suicide attempt it was completely different. He was just so depressed on the phone and I was supportive. Now it is like I am talking to a 4 year old child who is stomping his feet, until he gets what he wants! Well I am giving in..The rest of his money arrives today in his bank account..I got rid of it, so I can get rid of his uncomfortable phone-calls and threats from lawyers. Now he is at his own mercy..I will no longer listen to his sad stories & dramas. I refuse to be sucked into this black hole he creates for the people around him, while he goes against everyone’s advice. No more..

Yes he is my father and yes I love him. Yes I get extremely sad to see how he has ended up and how mentally ill he is..

I am extremely sad that I will no longer be able to spend time with him like I used to and enjoy his company with my husband, eating out.. My husband is also extremely sad that his new father in law is such a disappointment and that things will no longer be stress free…

I am hopeful that things will finally resolve themselves and that I won’t be implicated further against my will..



2 thoughts on “Relaxing Sunday afternoon & yet another doodle..

  1. Unfortunately, I agree with the quote. I cut my dad out of my life after moving to the UK. He may be blood related, but he’s proven over and over what kind of man he is and what he intends to inject into my life. The ferris wheel of love-you-hate-you has just got to come to an end if you want any peace. It’s everyone’s own decision, but I will never say anyone is wrong who chooses freedom from this type of abuse. Be confident in you and your needs.


  2. I agree too. I am keeping my distance now.I am just so sad with it all.. I will stay in touch with my support network in Greece where my Dad lives ( friends & family who have also had enough of his behaviour & keeping their distance), but apart from that he will notice the consequences of his actions. He is on his own now to continue making a mess of his life.
    I won’t be contacting him again.


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