New Sharpies and the doodling continues..

colour doodle IMG_3333It’s my birthday in 2 days and this is an early birthday present I asked for. The doodle sketch is just a very quick one (slightly messy & disorganized) but I wanted to try out my new sharpie collection. I asked for this special edition 80’s set as it had loads of cool colours!I will be doing a couple more designs which are more intricate & carefully coloured so keep your eyes peeled.Because I find these types of illustrations so soothing, I will most likely do a set of mandala drawings with all the pens I just got. Colour was something I tried adding more & more in my life, as I found that if I was surrounded by it, my mood would improve greatly. With my depression & cptsd this is something very helpful.

Have a great day 🙂



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