A doodle a day, keeps the stress away..

doodle 4 Here is my 4th illustration..Still working on A5 size and still using old permanent markers.

I have been feeling a little bored & disappointed at the moment.

I am waiting to hear from 2 possible part time jobs, and they just don’t seem to be happening. Maybe there is a reason they aren’t happening?

If I look back on my last 7 months, I’m kind of grateful I haven’t had a job. They were incredibly difficult months adjusting to my PTSD flaring up, along with my depression. I’ve been in the process of grieving my narcissistic mother & now my father as well.

I’ve only been married 7 months! Thanks a lot Mum & Dad..For messing up yet another important time in my life & for also ruining things for my husband.

Sorry for sharing my anger…I guess i’m just fed up with it all..I wish I could just turn off the feelings, frustration & disappointment. The art always helps a little at least…

Thanks for reading. x


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